Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa by Theresa Burden
Letters to Santa by Theresa Burden



The season is upon us.  Waiting and anticipation fills the air.  In the spirit of the season, the children sit before the table to compose their letters.  These letters will journey miles from their homes all the way to the North Pole.  Filled with excitement, the children write to Santa what they wish most for.  Some letters are carefully drafted while others are rushed to completion.  They assure him of being well-behaved throughout the year and further promise to behave until Christmas Day.  The letters are finally sealed and properly addressed to “Santa at the North Pole.” The postage is applied to ensure timely delivery.  Some letters are joyfully placed in the mailboxes outside their homes.  Others are deposited in a special postal box at the Post Office.  Regardless of the origination, each letter arrives at the final destination.  The North Pole.  It is a place we have not seen, but easily imagined by anyone.   Each letter is read.  Electronic letters submitted online instantly arrive at the Pole.  In fact, Santa can be followed on twitter.  Children’s names are added to the list.  The list is checked twice.  And some may even receive a response.  A postcard or letter or instant message from Santa himself!  It is a moment filled with joy and belief.  It is a time followed tradition and invites the season.


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