Letter: Lisa Weik Delivers as County Commissioner

Woodbury’s Jim Arend says the Washington County Board incumbent “places a high priority on obtaining citizen input on issues reviewed by decision makers.”

During her short tenure on the Washington County Board, Woodbury resident Lisa Weik has never failed to put the public and taxpayers first.

Unlike a lot of "politicians," Lisa is not afraid to tell you where she stands on important issues that affect our community. In an uncertain housing market and lingering recession, I'm grateful for leaders like Lisa who use business acumen from private-sector experience to set sound public policy and deliver responsible budgeting.  

Since in office, Commissioner Lisa Weik has kept the tax levy flat for three straight years, created a partnership with Greater MSP to attract businesses to locate in Woodbury to grow the tax base, and has saved taxpayers $1 million over the next 10 years by opposing the addition of two seats to the county board during redistricting last spring.

She places a high priority on obtaining citizen input on issues reviewed by decision makers, including the transportation study of the Interstate-94 corridor that has made steady progress during her tenure as chair of the commission.

I wish her luck in the General Election.
—Jim Arend, Woodbury


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Paul Whackernutz October 24, 2012 at 02:47 PM
I'll grant you Ms. Weik has done a decent job managing the public checkbook, but the claim that she "places a high priority on obtaining citizen input" is hard to stomach, especially for the hundreds of homeowners who petitioned her to intervene on the CR 19 reconstruction plan.
Washington County Watchdog October 24, 2012 at 10:52 PM
+1 she doesn't answer my e-mails or return my phone calls. Also, you forgot the part about her never voting no. I go to nearly every County Commissioner Meeting on tuesdays at 0900 in Stillwater and she's the only commissioner out of the five that hasn't voted no to increase spending every chance she can for any project with a request. Last month she voted yes to continue the 37.5% tax on our garbage to pay haulers to bring trash to RRT, a company that sorts trash to be burned. The company refuses to disclose their books and they promise year after year they will be off the $2.2 million tax dollars they get in subsidies. She had no objection to handing over more tax money to this un-accountable company. She may be a nice person, but she is putting Washington County deeper in debt. We have $157,000,000.00 in debt, $7 million a year is wasted in paying interest charges alone... She's also completely out of touch with the light rail in WC. Despite the Rush line having only a quarter of the expected 200 riders a day, not to mention property tax payers have to foot the $600,000 bill. I could go vote by vote how's she consitently been against responsible spending, lowering taxes, and listening to oposition.... Just yesterday, she said in response to my concerns it's going to cost $13.3 million to rebuild 2 miles of woodbury drive "homes might have to be destroyed and the environment hurt if all the money isn't spent."


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