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Dave Menden Scott County Commissioner ref levy increase for 2013.

The County Board set it's preliminary levy today Sept 4th at .5%.   I voted against it.  Reasons:  We must cut spending and government.  So many residents are paying to much for taxes.   Different businesses have stated that their taxes went up 10 to 30% over the last two years.   I realize that they as businesses pay a substantial amount of that tax to the state.  But if we want to promote the economy we cannot raise their taxes and expect them to invest or hire new employees. I feel there are many different cuts we could make at the County and not hurt productivity.   One example is approximately 120 supervisors we have.   We must eliminate some of those positions through attrition or other jobs that come available.   Other examples are consultants etc. that we continue to hire even though we have people who are paid, usually good money, to do the same job. 

Any questions or comments please contact me at home: 952-445-1053 or email lemenden1@yahoo. com.  

Dave Menden

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Terence Aloysius Mahoney September 11, 2012 at 06:26 PM
Dave Menden, whose career in Scott County was in the publicly paid sheriff's department, and now, serves as a publicly paid county commissioner, now says that supervisor positions are wastes of money. It sounds like he's trashing good people in order to score political points to remain in public office. Where is the research, the analysis, to back up what he said? Did he believe this about his own supervisors, when he started out, that he didn't need direction or training? Does he believe in anarchy - do whatever you want, whenever you want, but - please - don't hold me accountable? I'm a concerned taxpayer - and as a concerned taxpayer who wants more bang for my taxpaying buck, I am concerned about Dave Menden's statements as a commissioner.
Lois Paulson Menden September 11, 2012 at 07:13 PM
Susan: Yes it was personal and business. This employee who is getting 130,000 a year. This should be his full time and only job. He is running a multi million dollar business when he should be focus on his county job. He should give up one. Also this was a business that he started up when he was in the Sheriff's Office. A home-monitoring business run by the Sheriff's Office of which he was ahead of. He claims it was not making money but he could take it and make millions off of it much of it on county time. This is one of my complaints against him and I can tell you a few more. If you are interested call me at home. 952-445-1053 I don't want to say anymore about him because I do want to focus on positve things the county does. Dave Menden
Lois Paulson Menden September 11, 2012 at 07:31 PM
John: Thanks for the comment. I was in the public trough all my working years. With the Sheriff's Office for 35 years and now as County Commissioner. But when I was Sheriff I took 5000 a year less than I could of started with and never took a raise. Now as County Commissioner I take 10,000 a year less, took a 3% cut last year. I don't take any Per Diems which is 50 a meeting. I am assigned to over 20 different committees. I don't take any mileage or any extra benefits. I pay over 250 dollars more a month for medical than if I took advantage of the county benefit. I am bragging here but show me any other employee who takes less. I do believe in hiring good employees and supervisors. I totally believe in Education and Training. You always get your money back when you invest it in Education and Prevention. We have 120 Supervisors for about 580 full time employees. I would like to show you what they get paid along with good benefits and guaranteed retirement after a period of time. What private business with this much overhead could stay afloat. I got to think about what is best for the people who pay the bill not always what is best for the employee. Thanks Dave Menden
Heyitsme September 12, 2012 at 01:25 AM
Susan define wealthy in the state of Minnesota, this is a family..married making $50,000 combined. Once a family hits that level the State penalizes and has a different scale to tax you for it. And at that level, those families don't qualify for any assistance. foster care money comes from the parents, or the state not the county, and if the child qualifies for SSI that is where the monies come from for foster care. Medical assistance for foster kids is from the state not the county. Wealthy people like the governor, the President, the vice president haven't been in the middle class or if ever been in the middle class. I don't mind and I do help others but I don't want the government to tell me how or atthe rate that I should.
Heyitsme September 12, 2012 at 01:30 AM
Remember that the new sheriff and county attorney that were elected and a rate of salary and after the elections; sued the county for a pay raise. Normal humans, i.e. non-government employees would have been fired for that.


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