Use Positive Psychology To Improve Your Health

Here are mindful minutes from my workday that might perk up yours.

As a health professional, I have an ethical responsibility to assist people with their health and my aspirations are for aiding their progress, not making them perfect. Below is a little bit of positive psychology for your week to discuss as a family, journal about to read later, or find comfort in knowing you've taken a step toward health today.

  • Remember to tell yourself that "I can do health."  
  • Make a note of or text yourself "XYZ" when needing to keep track of an unwanted habit. Maybe you can replace your urges with something else gradually over days, weeks, or months.
  • Try lifting a weights for refreshment during a work break. You might find that you eat less of your snack–by choice–not because you don't have time.
  • Prepare by warning your friends, family; then give yourself permission to get two hours of extra sleep two nights in the next seven days. 
  • Reflect on how bad or good you feel about your health. One step is better than zero. See a health coach for two or three sessions. It's confidential and may be covered by your health insurance plan. If not, ask someone else to be a supporter.
  • Know your numbers for blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, and your weight. (That's four numbers). Just knowing them is a step for many. And you will be better equiped to keep habits that support them. (Keep them in your wallet to refer to when you are feeling like doing something really unhealthy.) If numbers don't turn you on, what daily activity would you like to replace with something else?
  • Add that extra glass of water before your coffee or snack between meals or when you remember what a rediculous idea that was to start. 
  • Share your family health history with your children or a good friend so that they can start practicing a better lifestyle now with you.
  • Be self-aware of your behavior and comments toward others because you're listening to yourself. Competence over competition makes a good team and family.
  • Catch someone doing something "right" or "outstanding" and notice them for it...they will feel good about being recognized and you might see a glimmer of healthy communication. Our own self-awareness comes from trying "new" things.

You've begun a self-fulfilling prophecy right here by just skimming the article.  Print it off for rereading later.

Heart Health Tip 1:

Find two times during the day to spend five minutes with yourself: calming, writing or verbalizing your goal to yourself so that you are re-focused on your goal of being more (examples here) mindful of behavior, budget-conscious, relaxed in outward expressions (cool, calm, collected), hydrated with lo-cal fluids, adding protein to your diet, stretching, noticing the talents you have or the progress you've made in your work day.

Heart Health Tip 2: 

Here's an activity to blast away the winter blues in January: if you can get that heart pumping even a tiny bit harder for five minutes today (timer on, move until it rings) be mindful of how well you relax, focus,and how energetic you feel hours from now. And let me know. 

Written by Katherine T. Rivard, RD,LD

Speaker, Writer, Contract Health Coach

763-370-9569 (c)

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