I came for the candidate and did not stay for the political party, Why I support Kurt Bills?

I have always supported people and candidates that are fiercely independent of party molds and special interest groups.

Why Do I Support Kurt Bills? I have always supported people and candidates that are fiercely independent of party molds and special interest groups. Kurt Bills is ready to face the serious challenges that effect all of us in this country like our 16 trillion dollar national deficit and work with all sides of the aisle to pass a congressional budget in order for our government to work efficiently and spend our taxpaying money wisely. Kurt Bills realizes both parties have to tackle these challenges, so our economy can prosper and everyone can succeed.

Why Not Support Amy? Senator Amy Klobuchar has noble intentions and I respect her, but I do not see anybody in Congress that wants to fix the debt and turn around our economy. The congress is in a stalemate because of deficit of leadership on both sides. We had only had policies in congress that either kick the can down road for a future day, or politicians in both parties that are only interested in supporting plans that only makes them look good with their party base or just to get re-elected. What would make Kurt Bills a great US Senator, He is like most Minnesotans, He is a hardworking middle class family man. He is a Economic Teacher at Rosemount High School, A high school economics teacher is not a high-paying, high power job by any stretch. He does it because He cares about what kind of America will our future generations inherit and how those future generations will be able to our country.

 Why Not Support Every Republican? No one party has the answers to everything and no one President can fix everything by themselves. My support for Kurt Bills is no about being Democrat or Republican, My support for Kurt Bills is about bring leaders to Washington, DC that have the leadership skills and care about doing what's right and face the serious challenges we have, not for their party base or the next 4 years, but for all Americans and the future of this country.



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Ken Lehman October 21, 2012 at 03:26 PM
That's not tollerant or diverse. Also against the rules of posting in here. But you do demonstrate that you can't stay on topic beside he's right and you're immature
Big_Phish October 30, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Minniegirl are you 12. Look up "Dim" in the dictionary!!!!


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