Kingfield To Get New Building?

Developer brings plans before city body next week.

An empty lot in Kingfield could soon get a visit from construction crews if city authorities approve key elements of the project next week.

Developer Michael Lander wants to build a three-story, four-unit building at 3824 Grand Avenue South. One of the four units is in the building's basement, kindly referred to as "garden-level" in today's apartment marketing-speak.

Lander's company was also involved in "38," the redevelopment of the building at the corner of 38th and Nicollet several years ago.

According to preliminary plans Lander shared with Patch (posted at right), the building will be done in a contemporary style, with a large, projecting set of windows on its front façade.

The property is zoned for a building containing as many as seven housing units, but Lander told Patch he decided to stick with four to match the other fourplexes in its area of Grand Avenue.

For similar reasons, he said, he is asking the city to let his building to get four feet closer to the sidewalk from the lot's 24-foot minimum distance. Many other buildings on the 3800 block of Grand, he said, share that smaller setback. The City of Minneapolis Zoning Board of Adjustment will review Lander's request at its Thursday, Sept. 13 meeting.

The project has also won support from the Kingfield Neighborhood Association.

"KFNA supports an increase of density and diversity of housing in the neighborhood—especially along transportation corridors—and this street already has a number of fourplexes, so all I heard from the (redevelopment) committee was support for the proposal," the association's Executive Director Sarah Lines-Robinson told Patch in an email.

Karen Hylen Metty September 07, 2012 at 06:35 PM
It's laughable to see that proposed building plan and read phrases that imply it will fit the existing buildings. Look at the picture & drive down the 3800 block of Grand Ave & you will see nothing that even shares an inkling of similarity. Seeing how nicely the Lander Group developed the corner of 38th & Nicollet while retaining the charm of the building(s) made me hopeful that the history of 3824 would be present in the finished building, sadly it is not. It may be a family or neighborhood rumor but I had always heard the property of 3824 Grand was the original Homestead for the Kingfield Neighborhood. It would've been nice to see that reflected in the building plan.
chris burns September 08, 2012 at 01:46 PM
A zit on the face of a neighborhood! Go back to the drawing board and start over!
Sara Kleckner September 08, 2012 at 04:38 PM
I agree with the above comments. The plan is far too modern looking and will stick out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood. I, too, expected better after the nice looking restorations done at 38th and Nicollet.


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