Homeowners Torn By Airport Noise Plan

Community forum reviewed plans Tues. night.

A $1.5 billion airport expansion got mixed reviews from Minneapolis residents at an open house Tuesday night.

"Airport noise is a huge issue for us ... a real problem," a Linden Hills resident told a Star-Tribune reporter. "On the other hand, I took my wife to the airport this morning. It's convenient."

City Councilmember John Quincy (Ward 11) has come out against the plan, but airport officials say the construction of a new international terminal is necessary. The Star-Tribune reports arrivals and departures are expected to rise from 437,075 in 2010 to 484,879 in 2020 and 526,040 by 2025.

Only about 1,100 are projected to get noise abatement subsidies from the airport.

Sher McClelland September 24, 2012 at 05:56 PM
I moved in to my neighborhood knowing about the airport noise BUT I think the airport commission has a duty to all of us to spread the pain/noise around unless inclement weather dictates that only one traffic pattern be used for that time period.
Elaine McCoy September 29, 2012 at 11:15 PM
We moved here knowing that the airport was near. In our defense we didnt know that one runway was under repair during the sale of our house so the noise seemed distant. To our surprise, months later We refer to our neighborhood as a war zone. The noise is at tones scary as some planes make the entire house vibrate. Naively we have listened to neighbors who tell us" you'll get used to it" so we'be stayed a few years. The noise is truly aweful! Sometimes there is less than one minute between flights flying over our home. We have to hold conversations, we are unable to watch a television show if one window is open, the planes wake us up at night, and it makes outside entertainment stressful. Don't be fooled by the wonders of free MAC windows that are supposed to be the big reprieve. Sure, having windows closed makes things quieter. personally, I miss having our windows open. I miss fresh air, the sound of birds and bugs, and kids playing. Living near the airport (with your windows closed all year round) is like living in a stuffy box. Although this neighborhood is beautiful, our quality of life has decreased immensely. We leave to escape the noise pollution. We visit lakes far from the house, because they are quiet. With or without this new airport plan, we are moving. The only thing that could keep is here is news of a brand new airport at least 30 minutes away.


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