I played with Isis!

Hey everyone! I just had to tell you about a major breakthrough I had last night -- playing with Isis! I couldn't believe it. We had so much fun!

First, let me tell you about Isis. I've heard Tom refer to her as "The Grand Old Lady" and being that she is the other female dog in the house, I thought that we should get to know each other.

This has been much more difficult than I thought it would be. Other than being girls who both like to eat the occasional poop nugget and sometimes pee in the house, we don't have much in common. Isis just turned 13 years old, which I can't even imagine being that I don't think I'm barely 1 yet, and likes to lay around watching TV all day. On the other hand, I have a lot of energy and love running around and chewing on things, people and dogs as much as possible.

Well, I've been rebuffed in nearly all of my attempts to become friends with Isis. I climb on her, swat her in the head with my paw, snuggle up to sleep next to her, etc. But all I usually ever get for my troubles is a stern reprimand from her -- generally in the form of a few loud barks and a chomp or two of her rather sizable teeth.

But last night! I don't know what got into Isis, but suddenly she wanted to play with me too! I was just laying on the floor, minding my own business, sniffing around the Christmas tree... and there she was -- towering over me! Yet, this time I could tell something was different. Instead of her typical way of telling me to "get lost," she gave me a quick wink and started rustling around in front of me. At last -- we're going to play!

Now, I had to be a bit careful as Isis is kind of fragile and falls down easily. But as she barked and rustled, I ran around her with my tail all a-wagging. I let her know that I appreciated it. Hudson, my usual play partner was laying on the couch with Shawn and Tom, but I think that he got a little jealous as he began growling and barking.

Well, the whole thing lasted about five minutes before Isis got tired and crawled back up on the couch. But boy, did we have a grand ol' time. And last night, we even slept most of the night while actually touching one another -- something she hasn't been too keen on in the past. I think a page has turned!

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Tom is offering up some rawhides and I better get mine before Hudson tries to take two. Until next time!


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