(VIDEO) Dodgeball: The Sport of Kings

Neighbor nerfed neighbor in the Southwest Neighborhood Invitational Dodgeball Tournament Saturday.

The first annual Southwest Neighborhood Invitational Dodgeball Tournament was held at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park in Southwest Minneapolis Saturday. The tournament pit four teams from several southwest neighborhoods took against one another, each vying for the final prize of free beer and bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl.

The Kingfield Royal Tenenballs looked to dominate from the beginning. Several players on the team had experience in local dodgeball leagues. They wore a full set of costumes and crowns, and all of them had an unusual determination to hurl nerf balls at their neighbors.

Organized by 6th District Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn, the event was such a success that by the day's end, many players were already talking about next year's rematch.


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