The Week We Covered Both Healthy School Lunches and Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

This week, our coverage touched on politics, sports and psychics, among other issues.

With only a week left in the state legislature's regular session, lawmakers tried to push through a host of controversial laws on social issues, including gay marriage and guns.

Southwest Minneapolis lawmaker, Sen. Scott Dibble kept busy this week: He to adjust public emplyees' insurance; tried to head off the passage of a bill that would put a in front of voters; and vowed to fight on after passage of the bill.

Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan also made a showing at the State Capitol with Mayor RT Rybak to oppose the so-called "Shoot First" bill, which would lessen the threshold for a citizen's use of force if they felt threatened.

Contributor Sarah Wash filed a thoughtful and Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. Spoiler alert: There is an energy vortex in Linden Hills.

And the Nicollet-East Harriet Business Association snags a neat. And they're creating a construction survival guide that can be used to help local businesses during other construction projects around the city!

And here, just for your prurient interest, is a video on a west metro restaurant's recipe for .

, for which she'll travel to DC this fall. Contributor James Sanna filed the , which federal guidelines are trying to enforce in other places. Are Minneapolis lunches and breakfasts healthy enough, especially for kids who depend on them for sustenance?

Our police blotter last week rounded up incidents from all over Southwest Minneapolis, including reported gunshots and a host of robberies. In other public safety news, Kingfield residents are urged to file for a number of crimes committed in the area (which will be reviewed tonight, Monday).

Contributor Marsha Trainer previewed the , check back in coming days for a follow-up and gallery of photos. Trainer also dipped into the . James Sanna also attended the screening of the movie "Fresh" and put together a whole gallery of stories on how folks got into the local/sustainable food movement.

Patch sports coordinator Mark Remme put together a great piece on , he profiled Southwest High Student Patrick Kelliher (son of former House Majority Leader Margaret Anderson Kelliher).

In other sports, Minneapolis boys lacrosse played Hopkins. And contributor Tom Carothers rounded up .

The piece that has my vote as story of the week is Sheila Regan's coverage of the a housing project for homeless youth. Regan respectfully tells the project's story through the kids.


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