(VIDEO) From a TV Lover to a TV Installer

Minnetonka Patch editor Katelynn Metz tries her hand at new occupations in the west metro.

I love television. All kinds. News. Cop dramas. Reality. Game shows. Soaps. I know the well-worn buttons of my TV remote by heart and can switch between shows like a master channel flipper. It’s actually one of my most admired talents (so I'm told).

So it seemed natural that I do something television related for this segment. I’m almost as comfortable around TV cables as I am TV remotes. In fact, I was the kid who used to take apart the Betamax as a kid, just for fun. (I can’t believe I just admitted that).

But as it happens, cable installation is much more than just fiddling with cables. It’s actually quite physical, dirty and complicated. 

In the course of the hour-long installation, we shoveled dirt, dug in the mud, threaded cable under a sidewalk, stripped cable and—my personal favorite—we crimped cable.

Pro installer Steve Wittrock was recently named one of the top Comcast technicians in the country. And I was lucky enough to have him guiding me through the process.

In the end, success! And for a bona fide TV junkie, there’s no feeling like seeing a new cable box light up.


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