Dog Parks And Prostitutes: The Top 5 Stories of 2011

Southwest Patch looks back at the year in news.

  1. In April, Minneapolis police stormed into a small storefront at 4302 Nicollet Ave, in Kingfield. Their task? Arrest 21-year-old Burnsville resident Dorothy Ann Leon on suspicion of prostitution as part of an undercover sting operation. The investigation had been set in motion by neighborhood complaints about the shady-seeming "spa" and "massage parlor."
  2. Dog Park Drama: At first, it seemed simple: Kingfield residents wanted to put a neighborhood dog park in at Dr. Martin Luther King Park. But when news of these plans traveled across the highway to residents of Central——the plan . With , the Park Board in a parking lot next to the .
  3. Southwest Citizens Fight Gay Marriage Ban: When legislators debated whether or not to put an amendment on the 2012 ballot that would enshrine current law banning same-sex marriage in the state constitution, Southwest's residents sprang into action. Some in protest. Some, , organized the opposition. Some of the state Senate. Southwest Patch also did a little digging into for both sides of this year's campaign, and from the Minnesota Family Council.
  4. Development Debate Rocks Linden Hills: This summer and fall have been tense times in Linden Hills, as developer Mark Dwyer and a grassroots opposition group have squared off in a battle for public support over Dwyer's planned Linden Corner condo building. While neighborhood support seems to be against the development, the final fate of the proposed development will come early next year, when the city Planning Commission takes up the issue.
  5. Schools Bursting At The Seams: After years of enrollment decline, Southwest Minneapolis' public schools are now , or threatening to. Partly due to economics, and partly to some schools' popularity, the district has needed to find space for hundreds of elementary and middle school students. To solve this, they and two others elsewhere in the city, and to in building that currently houses the Ramsey International Fine Arts Center program. Current Ramsey parents, though, if it's going to survive a move across the city to make way for the new school.


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