Democratic Party Plans Many Convention "Watch Parties" in Minneapolis

Will you watch the convention?

Some pundits may say President Barack Obama should be warry of an "enthusiasm gap" between his supporters and challenger Mitt Romney's theoretically-more-energized voters. Just don't tell that to local DFL organizers and door-knocking teams.

Across Minneapolis tonight, local Democrats are holding over 50 parties where campaign volunteers can watch the president's speech on Thursday night as he accepts his party's official nomination for the 2012 election. Among those parties, at least three are in Southwest Minneapolis

Some parties are being held at local campaign offices, featuring the likes of Walter Mondale, but many are being held in private homes. Some are using the event to help recruit more supporters with phone banks and make plans for future aspects of the campaign.

To find the "watch party" nearest you, you can find a nearly-complete list of all events at the Obama campaign's website by searching using your zip code.


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