City: Want A Sweet Deal On A Tree?

Just in time for spring planting, the city offers free or nearly-free gardening supplies.

As the weather thaws, most of you are getting ready to garden, and the City of Minneapolis is right there with you.

City officials are offering 1,500 trees—one per property, five per person—to Minneapolis residents for $25 apiece, alongside 400 free trees for Northside residents hit by last year's tornado. There's a large variety available, from Honeycrisp Apple through Bur Oak and Princeton Elm, all about 8 feet tall with one-inch trunks. Compare this to prices at Southwest Minneapolis' , where an apple tree can run you $55, and larger trees like birches can cost hundreds of dollars.

But if it sounds too good to be true, maybe it is in one respect. Planting the tree is all on you.


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