Will New Linden Hills Farmers Markets Hurt Fulton, Kingfield?

Summer will be a key test.

that Linden Hills will get its own farmers market, courtesy of , brought cheers from neighborhood foodies. 

While the Linden Hills and will be on different days of the weekend, will the new market draw off customers from its older neighbor six blocks away?

"We hope not. Can't be sure until the season starts," wrote David Brauer, chair of the board that manages and Fulton markets. "We've got a great year under our belts, and we'll have more vendors, activities and sponsors this year, so we have to build off that and our strong community roots."

Brown and Brauer both said they think the "pie" of potential farmers market customers is still growing.

"Without sounding too hyperbolic, business is booming" at supermarkets that offer local produce, Brown said.

That same crowd, he added, comes to farmers markets.

Still, Brauer said, the Kingfield and Fulton markets are doing things to improve the "already-loved" experiences at their markets—taking credit cards, food stamps, and adding shaded eating areas, for example.

"The bottom line is we'd love people to spend more time at markets and then we can all flourish," Brauer said. "But at what point do limits kick in? We'll have a lot better idea after this year."

Tilia's communications manager John Reinan said, the concentration of markets in one part of the city could even make it a locavore destination.

"There's a phenomenon in the restaurant business," Reinan said. "If you have a concentration of restaurants in a certain area, you have people going there without knowing exactly where they want to eat."








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