What's In Store for the New Butter Bakery Cafe?

Kingfield staple is moving this week.

This week, Butter Bakery Cafe fans are likely waiting on tenterhooks for the Kingfield coffee shop to reopen in its new digs at the corner of 37th Street and Nicollet Avenue South. 

Box by box, that once-cavernous storefront is getting filled in. This week, hand-crafted tables and counters will arrive, while staff schlep much of Butter's supplies and equipment the five blocks to the new location. 

"We were running full speed until Friday" when Butter's old location closed, owner Dan Swenson-Klatt said. "I wouldn't imagine doing things this way without a crew like that. They feel like it's their space, too."

The new Butter will be unofficially bisected into "computer" and "dining" sections, Swenson-Klatt said. A long "computer counter" made out of a tree trunk and equipped with outlets will look out on Nicollet Avenue. Behind it, an enormous case for Butter's signature baked goods will be flanked by two registers—one for coffee, the other for meals, to help alleviate long brunch lines.

Many parts of the old Butter space will be carried over. Fans of Butter's mural won't be disappointed by the paintings that will adorn the handicapped-accessible bathrooms (a Butter first). Even coffee bar idea will be preserved, but with a gigantic mosaic decorating the front. 

"We've got a lot of regulars who just love to sit and hang out with the baristas," Swenson-Klatt explained.

Barring any last-minute hiccoughs, Butter will re-open on Oct. 15, and celebrate along with its neighbors in the Nicollet Square building with a party on Oct. 23. 

"I'm most looking forward to be on Nicollet. I hope our energy as a new business will help the folks that have been hanging on here for a long time. " Swenson-Klatt said. "People have been saying maybe it's time for Nicollet to wake up, and I think it is."

Daniel Swenson-Klatt October 02, 2012 at 01:50 PM
Just a shout out to the Lyndale Neighborhood too! We ride that border between Kingfield and Lyndale neighborhood and love them both. The move to 37th won't change that a bit! First health inspection is set for Friday the 5th -- if we get the gree light we will open the doors Monday the 8th! I'll keep you updated. Dan


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