Spanish Wine "Geekfest" Today At South Lyndale Liquors

Weekly tastings help draw customers during roadwork.

Wednesday evening, will be giving a select group of patrons an introduction to a unique formula: one grape variety plus three farms in different parts of Spain, equals three very different wines.

The event, dubbed a “geekfest” by South Lyndale staff, will explore 12 wines from the Iberian Peninsula. Included in the mix are several wines made from an unsung white grape called godello, which South Lyndale staff said could have potential to be “pretty important” in the next few years.

The idea for a Spanish-themed wine tasting came, in part, from the diversity of climates in Spain—arid to lush, cool, and mountainous—which produce such wildly different wines (the technical term for this is terroir), South Lyndale staff said. The regular Wednesday night tastings themselves are a more technical exploration of wine than patrons typically might get as part of South Lyndale’s huge wine club. Don’t try to sign up for this one, though—it turns out it’s been sold out for several days. 


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