New Store Moving Into Linden Hills

Neighborhood is seeing big turnover among its storefronts.

A quick glance around the corner of 43rd Street and Upton Ave South might dishearten the average Linden Hills resident. With Linden Hills Florist, Bayers Hardware, and the former hairdresser that once sat between the two all missing, and with Linden Hills Yarn slated to move to different digs, it might seem like the entire commercial village is falling apart.

While some stores' business has declined since the Linden Hills Co-Op departed for the corner of 44th Street and France Ave, the neighborhood is still attractive to retailers. Owl Optical joined the neighborhood in late 2012. The landlords behind the various vacant and soon-to-be-vacated spaces have told Patch in recent days that they all have several potential tennants lined up. 

One of the first to move in will be Honeyshine, a home furninshings and gifts boutique currently based in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood. It will replace Linden Hills Yarn & Textile in early May. The yarn store will be decamping to St. Louis Park.

That name should be familiar to readers of Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine and Minnesota Monthly—the shop won a "best of" award from the latter publication last year, and has been featured in both several times in its scant two years of existence.

In an announcement posted on its website, Honeyshine's co-owners Adam Braun and Daisey Mitchell described the store as "a combination of modern, vintage, contemporary and quirky items pulled together with a fresh, but lived-in vibe."

“We are inspired by curating a collection of interesting things from smaller, emerging designers,” Braun wrote.

“We find old and new things we love and combine them — if our collection feels boring, predictable or redundant, we start over,” Mitchell added.

The store also offers room design and styling services.

Maria February 07, 2013 at 02:13 AM
What The What. Come on James Sanna you are a better reporter than this. What don’t you do a serious article on what is going on in Linden Hills? Linden Hills keeps adding new businesses and they are booming. You are making Linden Hills look bad, and it is easy for you to find out all the new businesses coming to Linden Hills. Linden Hills may have lost Bayer’s Hardware store, but Linden Hills added Settergren's Ace Hardware and they are driving business at a rate that bayers never could come close to. They are doing more than ten times the business. Everyone knows that the Linden Hills Florist retail space will now be Zumbro Café, they are expanding their restaurant next door. They are already remodeling. Everyone knows that the Bayer’s Hardware store retail space will now be Restaurant. They are already remodeling. Everyone knows that the “former hairdresser that once sat between the two” store retail space will now be Clothing store. They are already remodeling. When Linden Hills Co-Op departed for the corner of 44th Street and France Ave, Settergren's Ace Hardware moved in and business has been booming. And the recently added to Linden Hills restaurant “ Tilia “business has been booming, and they have a great national reputation. Recent new businesses to Linden Hills “ The Harriet Brasserie “ restaurant and “ Naviya's Thai Brasserie “ restaurant are both doing great. Above is just a partial list. Sorry to any new businesses I didn’t mention.
Maria February 07, 2013 at 02:14 AM
And the list above is just recent businesses added to Linden Hills, the businesses that have been in Linden hills for a while are going gangbusters: Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream Café still has people lined up for their products, Great Harvest Bread Co. is doing great business, and so many more businesses doing great. And when looks at all the remodels, which were noted and commented on your site in an article called: Linden Hills Dunn Bros. Remodels, Adds Menu Items by James Sanna January 30, 2013. Linden Hills is thriving. “ Linden Hills Dunn Bros. Remodels, Adds Menu Items “ “ Congratulations Clancey's Meats & Seafood shop in Linden Hills, Minneapolis Minnesota near West 43rd Street and Upton. Your recent remodeling project looks great. You always have highest quality products and the best service. Thanks for all you do for the community! ” Come on James Sanna you are a better reporter than this. Do a serious article with detail about all the good things going on in Linden Hills.
James Sanna (Editor) February 07, 2013 at 03:20 PM
You sound like you've really got your finger on the pulse of the community. Why not blog? More folks could have access to your insights and information more often! Here's the link you need: http://southwestminneapolis.patch.com/blog/apply
Bry Johnson February 09, 2013 at 05:06 PM
Agreed Maria! It is the job of a reporter to put this into an article, not the job of readers to start a blog.
James Crue February 23, 2013 at 04:46 AM
Sebastian Joe's is in the real estate business not just the ice cream business. Great Harvest does a great job and they are in a very high profit business, good for them. Dunn Brothers has gone through many owners because the rent is so high no one can make a decent living. High end restaurants come and go. Can't get in the door for a while then the trendy folks go to the next trendy restaurant someplace else. Every business eventually fails, ask Bob Byers. Linden Hills will continue to have high turnover because of greedy landlords. If you remember Kenwood Cycle was in Linden Hills for a number of years and he sold lots of bikes. He failed because overhead, as in rent killed him. I like my neighborhood but let's be realistic.
Randy Fox February 27, 2013 at 08:10 PM
Maria: a quick note. The former hairdresser salon will actually be a "bicycle boutique", a shop that caters primarily to the cycling enthusiast. While we will have a selection of fine cycling clothing and shoes, we can hardly be called a Clothing store. We WILL be offering selected service and repairs to the community, but our sales draw is at least regional, if not interstate. Please drop by in a couple of weeks when we open, and we'll show you what fine craftsmen from Europe and the U.S. are capable of! - Randy Fox -


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