More Reviews Roll in For New Eatery

The Lynn on Bryant earns high praise after mixed initial reviews.

While reviewers initially gave The Lynn on Bryant decidedly mixed praise—"a work in progress" was a recurring theme—a new set of evaluations is loudly applauding the Lynnhurst restaurant.

"The newly opened The Lynn on Bryant, as a whole, is part of a Really Good Trend that city diners should be federally mandated to embrace," The Heavy Table wrote on Wednesday, comparing it to The Kenwood, Blackbird Cafe, and Wise Acre Eatery. 

"Meals at The Lynn on Bryant have revealed the following pieces of information," wrote the website's James Norton.

1) In the gastronomic department, it has the requisite poise and polish to hold its own against tough company in the (general) vicinity, including but not limited to TiliaPiccolo, and Corner Table.

2) The restaurant’s long-term success or failure may hinge on the tricky and sometimes explosive question of “value.”

3) Depending upon your personal taste, it may be currently making the best dessert in the Twin Cities.


CityPages' food reviewer Emily Weiss issued somewhat more measured praise for the restaurant in her review, also published Wednesday. Weiss lauded many items on the restaurant's menu, from the breakfast coffee through dinner desserts. However, she wrote that details of The Lynn's two-room dining theme left her confused, and some prices seemed a bit steep.

Those prices, Norton wrote, are being tweaked and adjusted as the restaurant adapts and tries to balance neighborhood desires and business realities. 

Check out both reviews for more details.

Dave Timmons November 24, 2012 at 05:51 PM
Jeez. I like to patronize our local establishments. But...after stopping by the other day these folks must think their little eatery is located downtown, or in the rich part of Minnetonka. The portions were minimal, and the price astronomical. A $20 breakfast and I left still hungry. Let me repeat that. I spent $20 on breakfast - seriously? I'll NEVER be taking my family there (unless I win the lottery), I can't afford to spend a weeks grocery budget on one outing. I don't understand why people think it's a grand idea to open these fancy restaurants in middle class neighborhoods. There is a reason "The Malt Shop" has lasted so long - good food - good portions - reasonable prices. Next time I go out for breakfast I'll be headed to Perkins.
Lisa November 24, 2012 at 07:37 PM
The malt shop has lasted so long because Minnesota people love fatty large portions of food. Give a new place a chance, we love unique dining in south Minneapolis and very prepared to pay a little more.
Leah November 25, 2012 at 02:06 PM
Dave, you shot your credibility when you said "Perkins"!


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