Minneapolis Metro Area is State's Best Region for Starting a Business, Survey Says

A survey of small business owners says the Minneapolis metro area is the state’s easiest region in which to start a business.

The Minneapolis metro area has been rated as the state’s easiest region in which to start a business, according to a recent survey of small business owners.

Overall, Minnesota earned a “B” for small business friendliness.

The survey—conducted by the local services marketplace website Thumbtack.com and the Kauffman Foundation—based its results on a survey of 6,000 small business owners nationwide.

Greg Stubbs, director of Regulatory Service for the City of Minneapolis, said he wasn’t surprised to hear that the city was ranked as a great place to start a business.

“Minneapolis makes the business community a priority,” he said.

Stubbs named several examples of services the city offers new businesses, including a Department of Regulatory Services checklist that shows potential entrepreneurs which city regulations apply to them and the Minneapolis Development Review, a department whose staff answer questions and provide resources about all building permits and inspections.

“Having a good road map, checklist and communication about what route to take, especially with regards to any build or renovation that is needed, are key for any start up company,” Stubbs said.  

Stubbs said that providing this information is just a part of the customer service oriented approach that Minneapolis tries to take.  

The survey did not have all good news, however. Small businesses owned by women in Minnesota had less economic success than businesses owned by men. Male entrepreneurs were 17 percent more likely than female entrepreneurs to rate their company's current financial situation as “good” or “very good.”


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