See Beautiful, Award-Winning Home from Linden Hills Architects

BLEND winners announced Friday.

Local architecture firm , already renowned for their contemporary and historic designs and renovations, can now add a new feather to its cap.

On Friday, Sept. 7, it was announced  that the firm had won two BLEND awards, a juried prize for local homes and firms that, as the group's website puts it :

  1. Ensure that the redevelopment builds upon the qualities that have made Minneapolis a place where people have chosen to live for so many years.
  2. Ensure redevelopments respect the privacy, light access, private views of neighboring properties and maintain a human scale.
  3. Encourage redevelopment and construction of homes that are diverse and innovative in design but still compatible with the neighborhood.

TEA won two awards in the "Remodel and Addition" category, for two homes around Lake of the Isles , at 2727 Dean Parkway  and 2638 Irving Avenue South . The first home, according to photographs on the firm's website, was transformed from a somewhat bare-looking Mediterranean revival to an ornate, historic-looking home. In the second house, the architects completely revamped the dwelling's porch, exterior cladding, and yard. Full galleries of each home are posted onTEA2's website .

Other BLEND and EcoBLEND award winners are posted at the BLEND organization's website. The awards will formally be presented Sept. 25.


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