Chef Kevin Kathman Out At Jack's

Jack's much-praised experiment seems to be over.

Jackie, we hardly knew ye. Two months into , it looks like Chef Kevin Kathman is no longer with the East Harriet restaurant. 

The causes are unclear: Minnesota Monthly's Jason DeRusha reports that Kathman is accusing owner Jerry Nelson of fishy finances, while Nelson says Kathman refused to keep labor costs in check.

Either way, it looks like reviews like this, from our story about Jack's January reopening—

“Oh, Delicious!” regular Matt Perry exclaimed, describing a dinner he and his wife had Sunday night as part of Jack’s “soft re-opening.”

“Their food went from pretty unremarkable to outstanding,” Perry said. “They really took it to the next level.”

—could be a thing of the past as Jack's looses Kathman's innovative touch, that saw dishes like potato-leek soup transformed into a shooter with layers of warm, carmelized leeks and cool potato soup.

Kristin Jones March 07, 2012 at 04:43 PM
Perhaps they should focus more on service than on menu revamps and other extraneous things. When you walk in the door and no one helps you, when they are unwilling to make you a cup of tea because it's "too late in the evening" and when you wait forever for someone to bring you menus and take an order when you are dining with kids, they need more help than a fantastic chef. Perhaps Jack's should take some tips from some other local places like Blackbird. Until then, I'll continue to pass, even though they are less than a block away.


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