Butter Bakery Closes Grand Ave Doors For Good

Moving to take place this week.

Residents of Kingfield and Lyndale will have to go elsewhere for their daily coffee fix this week, or go without. After many years at the corner of 36th and Grand, Butter Bakery Cafe closed the doors on its soon-to-be-former space on Sunday evening. 

All this week, Butter's staff and fans will be packing boxes, and carrying them a few blocks away to their new location at the corner of 37th and Nicollet, in the first floor of Nicollet Square.

The whole move was motivated when owner Dan Swenson-Klatt found himself in the classic quandary of a successful coffee shop.

"We've run out of ability to be a coffee shop to during lunchtime and brunch time on weekends," Swenson-Klatt told Patch. "Do you kick out the people who want to eat or the people with laptops?"

Instead of trying to give up one crowd or the other, he decided to look for a bigger space. The extra space, he added, will let Butter offer internships to the youth living in Nicollet Square's apartments. 

Last month, Butter's fans helped raise the money needed to put the finishing touches, like an ice cream machine, on the cafe's new digs.

Still want a taste of Butter between now and then? Stop by Butter's old home on Wednesday at noon, 2 p.m., or 4 p.m., to help Butter staff move boxes to the new location. Swenson-Klatt told Patch that he's hoping to re-open in the new location on Oct. 15.


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