Bayers' Pantry Now Open

The Linden Hills hardware store looks for ways to stay competitive.

Following the that a second hardware store——was moving into Linden Hills, Bob Bayers started to look for ways to stay competetive.

The answer? Groceries and conviniences.

After converting part of his storage area into space for merchandise, the owner of brought in coolers and an array of sacks and food items to fill about 1/5 of his shop. Residents can now pick up everything from Ben and Jerry's to a loaf of bread at the new section of Bayers' shop, which he's dubbed "The Pantry."

Bayers said he was particularly proud of the wide array of cane sugar sodas, D.L. Jardines salsas and barbeque sauces, and tabasco hot sauce products he now carries.

MNLady December 05, 2011 at 08:11 PM
I was in The Pantry of Bayer's Do-It-Best right after it opened. In my opinion, Bob has done a great job with his new improvements. He not only set himself apart from Settergren's in that he doesn't only sell hardware, but also filled in an important hole in the Linden Hills neighborhood left after the Co-op moved west. Now we have an area to pick up milk, bread, and eggs again without having to make a trip out of the neighborhood. Bob's heart for the neighborhood and its people shows itself once again, just as it has for so long now with him and the Linden Hills institution he and his family built. I would like to encourage all of us to show the same heart and loyalty back for Bob the face of the new competition entering the neighborhood and patronize Bayer's Do-It-Best Hardware and the new pantry as often as you have the need and opportunity to do so.


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