Albertville Mom's Love of Celebration Sparks Cake Pan Rental Business

Katie Turpin, a self-professed lover of all things birthday, recently started her own cake pan rental business on Facebook.


Katie Turpin, an Albertville mom, thought it seemed silly for families to spend $15-20 on a cake pan for one-time use.

So she decided to create a business: STMA Pan Rentals.

"Before I started, people would purchase expensive pans and then either throw them in their cupboards or in their donate or garage sale pile," she said.

After thinking about the reality that many times families want a special cake pan for a special birthday, but that it's really only used once and then takes up space and collects dust in their cupboard, she decided to do something about it.

Turpin invested in cake pans for every celebration.

"I have pans for babies, birthdays, sports, holidays and even characters," she said.

She then created a Facebook page to share with friends and family and other locals to shop her selection of pans and rent them either one day or three days.

Rental rates start at $3 for one day or $5 for three days. She also asks for a $20 refundable deposit at pick up.

"All of my rentals come with a laminated ideas/techniques packet, to make it easy for even the novice baker to create a masterpiece!" she said, noting that renting a pan is much more convenient than purchasing and storing.

Turpin's only advertising for her business is on the STMA Pan Rentals Facebook page, and word of mouth has helped spread the word.

At this time, she's coming up on nearly 100 different pans to choose from and will continue to add them as time and demand goes on.

"As you know from last spring, I love birthdays," Turpin said. 

Last spring, her birthday wish was to forgoe a night out for her birthday and instead ask friends and family to donate money or items to put together birthday kits for children in need.

Together, Turpin and friends put together enough birthday kits for over 80 children to have their birthdays celebrated.

Willow December 19, 2012 at 07:36 PM
This is such a great idea! My friend and I rented a pan from a store 20 years ago which no longer exists and it was a great, inexpensive option. I may be seeing you in the future. Good luck to you!


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