Walker Art Center Picks Local Firm For Artist-Designed Mini Golf

The creative twist on a classic game opens in late spring.

It seems like you can't go anywhere these days without hitting one of Locus Architecture's public art projects.

After seeing their design for a temporary sculpture in front of the Minneapolis Convention Center selected as one of five finalists (the ultimate selection is due Mar. 1), Wynne Yelland, Paul Neseth, and Adam Jonas of Locus Architecture of the East Harriet architectural firm are headlining the Walker Art Center's artist-designed mini-golf course. The course—actually two seven-hole courses leading to a shared eighth hole—will be installed in the Sculpture Garden, and opens May 23.

Each hole offers golfers a set of interesting problems to solve, like a game of golf twister, garden gnome foosball, a giant ant farm, and a French bagatelle game. Locus' creative first hole, for example, challenges putters with a converging chute, an elevated centripetal cone, gopher tunnels, and an obstacle laden putting green. The challenge, of course, is to predict where your ball will pop up.

Die-hard golf fans will get a kick out of the entire course, particularly a hole designed by Carleton College art professors David Lefkowitz and Stephen Mohring. The pair overlaid each of Agusta National Golf Course's 18 greens to create a complicated, undulating blob of turf with 18 separate holes.

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