Mixing Skyscrapers And Tree Bark In New Art Show

Minneapolis mixed media sculptor Shannyn Joy Potter shows her work at Gallery 360.

The geometric will meet the organic this Saturday, when abstract wood sculptor Shannyn Joy Potter’s latest show opens at .

“Opposites always coexist,” said Potter. “I like the dualities and how they work together.”

The show, entitled “Triggers … Sculptural Abstractions in Wood,” includes 11 mixed media sculptures.

Nine of the pieces are wall reliefs, but the show also includes two freestanding sculptures — Potter’s first in more than ten years.

Potter, who also played a significant role in the show’s curatorial and installation process, considers her work to be the result of a dialogue with the materials. She manipulates the wood — painting, staining and greying it or coating it with Venetian plaster.

Potter’s sculptures have a tactile quality, evoking skyscrapers and tree bark, sometimes both in the same piece. She applies paint, incorporating vibrant colors such as bubble gum pink and various hues of red, both florid and fire engine. The Venetian plaster creates the texture of stone.

“She’s very purist with the way that she handles her work,” said Merry Beck, who owns Gallery 360.

When Potter creates a piece, it is constantly evolving. She begins by observing the wood until the composition becomes clear. Then she draws, chisels and uses power tools on the raw material.

Potter cited contrast, intersection and temporariness as significant components of her work.

“Everything is a continuation,” said Potter.

The opening reception for “Triggers” will take place from 7-10 p.m. on Saturday at Gallery 360. The show will remain on display through Aug. 19.


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