Secret Stash Label Releases Persian Funk Record

Our weekly local music recommendations from Jake and Lisa Luck of Yeti Records on Nicollet Avenue.

The past five years has seen an explosion of compilations of international funk singles and rarities. Ranging from tunes from across Africa to India to Thailand,  these compilations have been popularized by familiar labels such as Analog Africa, Light in the Attic Records and Minneapolis' very own Secret Stash Records.  

The latest release from Secret Stash, Persian Funk celebrates the funky world of pre-revolution Iran. Combining the traditional music of the Persian Gulf with elements of Blaxploitation and the occasional American soul cover, Persian Funk creates a sound that can only be described as Iranian.  

The Twin Cities is very fortunate to have a label dedicated to the preservation of international gems.  God bless Secret Stash.   

Cheshm Be Rah (Shohreh)
Hard Groove (Shamaizadeh)


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