Albert Elmore: The Albert Record

Our weekly local music recommendations from Jake and Lisa Luck of Yeti Records on Nicollet Avenue.

The latest recording by local electronic weirdo Albert Elmore, 'The Albert Record' marks a prolific moment for both Albert (as he goes by onstage) and his label, Totally Gross National Product.

As Albert gains more prominence in the local electronic music scene, Totally Gross National Product is in the midst of a long string of releases that promises to be an exciting moment for Twin Cities music. Just one cog in the diverse machinery of Totally Gross, 'The Albert Record' ranges from elements of classic Tangerine Dream to hypnotic drone to melodic new age.

Both epic and minimal at the same time, Albert uses the very basics to make you wonder if you should dance, meditate or contemplate questions that shouldn't be thought about.  All three are appropriate.

Listen: Albert Elmore: 'Luke Dragon's Weed k hi'


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