When Will My Street Get Swept?

Find out when you need to dodge the tow trucks.

As fall turns to winter, the crackle of dried leaves underfoot will soon be replaced by the hum and swish of street sweepers and the clank of tow truck chains.

Specifically, that replacement will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 23, according to an announcement by City of Minneapolis spokesperson Matt Laible.

As city cleaning crews make their way over Minneapolis' 1,100 miles of streets, city residents will have to find a different place to park their cars while their streets are cleaned of a summer's worth of detritus.

The traditional "no parking" signs will still be placed on the effected blocks at least 24 hours before the tow trucks arrive to herrald the sweepers' approach. Any cars left on a street to be cleaned are liable to be taken to the city impound lot. If you want to plan ahead, use this handy, interactive map of when each block will get its visit.


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