What's Icky, Sticky, And Ready To Slim Down Park Garbage?

Park Board wants to know what we throw out.

Ever take a plastic water bottle to a Minneapolis park, then finish it and throw it out? What about picnic leftovers—do they wind up in a Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board trash can? 

The Park Board wants to get to the bottom of those kinds of questions and Monday afternoon, they held a "waste audit" at the . The name of the game, the Park Board said in a written statement, is to find out how much waste at local parks is actually recycleable. 

The Park Board said in a survey it conducted earlier this year that 76 percent of park patrons regularly recycle at home and work, 55 percent believe it’s “never acceptable” to throw away a recyclable container, and 94 percent say that being sustainable is important or very important to them personally. 


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