Top 5 Ways to Entertain Family and Visiting Relatives This Week

Patch picks the best of the Southwest.

Christmas is over, Hanukkah is wrapping up, piles of tissue paper are stuffed in your garbage, and you just ate leftover pie for breakfast. Even so, your hosting duties might not be over yet. With relatives in town or kids out of school, there is still a lot of entertaining left to do. Luckily for you, Southwest Minneapolis Patch's Joanna Solotaroff has compiled the top 5 things to see and do and see this week.


Salon Saloon: The 2011 Show 

Salon Saloon is one of my favorite shows at the Bryant Lake Bowl. It is a live, monthly talk and variety show focused on the local art scene. This month, Salon Saloon celebrates 2011 with the "Heavy 100", featuring all of the best things from this year, ranging from the best contemporary rural art to the best t-shirt. Always funny, charming and engaging, Salon Saloon offers out-of-towners a glimpse into our vibrant arts community. It's a bargain at a sliding scale fee of $6 - $12, but tickets tend to sell out at the door. Show up early or buy them in advance. (Tuesday, Dec. 27th, 7:00 pm)

Sugar Sugar is the world's most delicious time warp. Walking into the store feels like stepping back fifty years with its vintage décor, glass jars, and incredible selection of popular candies of the past. I came here with my mother and saw her face light up as she spotted her favorite childhood confection. It was as if she had been reunited with a long-lost friend. Sugar Sugar strikes a perfect balance between nostalgia and novelty that anyone can enjoy.

Wild Rumpus' amazing selection of children's and young adult literature paired with its menagerie of live chickens, cats, and other creatures is enough to excite anybody. The decor, including a tiny, Alice in Wonderland style door and a ceiling that bursts open to reveal the sky, gives this store a magical quality unlike any other business in the Twin Cities.

The Bakken Museum

There are two things I remember about visiting the Bakken as a child. It is where I experienced my first electric shock and no one yelled at me when I touched everything. Tucked away in a mansion on Lake Calhoun, the Bakken offers fascinating, hands-on exhibits about electricity and how it impacts our daily lives.


Feast of Fools Masquerade Ball: A Benefit for the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater

 Puppets! Music! Dance! Heart of the Beast Theater is transforming its space into a New Year’s Eve extravaganza this Saturday night. Featuring Heart of the Beast's infamous, larger than life puppets, local food and beer, and dance performances, this is an evening not to be missed. Plus, there is a great line-up of live bands, including the infectious tunes of Dance Band, which will make anyone start to gyrate. Tickets are $10 if you bring your own mask or $15 to make your own at the event. You can purchase tickets at the door or in advance. (Saturday, January 31st, 8:00 pm)


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