Linden Hills Dance Group Featured in PBS Documentary

"Art & the Mind" premiered earlier this fall.

Earlier this fall, Kairos Alive Dance Theater was featured in a PBS documentary on the role arts play in human development. 

The Linden Hills-based dance group specializes in intergenerational performances, and also runs several dance programs in area long-term care facilities, adult day cares, and senior community centers. Their Dancing Heart program was one of the subjects of the documentary series Arts & the Mind, which premiered in September. Kairos' program blend arts and science to help older adults build community and personal health.

According to a written statement emailed to Patch, Twin Cities Public Television invited performers from Kairos to perform at the MacPhail Center for Music. One of the pieces performed, "Bird of My Heart", was co-created by 80 year-old dancer Sally Dixon and dancer/choreographer Tamara Ober. The dance is part of a series of dances inspired by the idea of being "wild in the heart".

Watch the full documentary on PBS' website.


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