Jablonski, Realty And Reiki Inspired Our Bloggers

Every Sunday, Patches in the southwest metro are posting a roundup of our blog posts from the past week.

Everyday people just like you are blogging for Patch. Every Sunday, we’ll give you a roundup of the posts from the past week from Patch bloggers across the Twin Cities southwest metro. Here’s what our bloggers posted between Jan. 1-7.

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By Heidi Keyho
Shakopee Patch
The Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee campus experiences tiger sightings on a weekly basis. But don't pull out your tranquilizer gun just yet. It is just one student's interpretation of community service.

By Robert Stewart
Burnsville Patch
The real story in Burnsville Real Estate is the supply, and the subtitle of this post should read “Everything’s gonna be alright.”

By Sheryl Petrashek
Burnsville Patch

Enter Social Media—it’s the fastest, most reliable, and captivating form of mass marketing ever known to Realtors.

By Patrick V. Suglia
Richfield Patch
Reiki can help a headache to go away, a deep cut heal without scarring, a person concentrate better while studying, a person overcome deep emotional hurts and a person discover hidden talents. It is valuable not just for healing but also for health maintenance and awakening creativity.

By Justin Brown
St. Louis Park Patch
Jack Jablonski, the sophomore hockey player paralyzed during a Dec. 30 game, has been receiving unbelievable amounts of support from around the country—some even coming from players from the National Hockey League.

By Sarah Burgess
Southwest Minneapolis Patch
Exercise? Eat healthy? Give up TV? What should a SAHM resolve to do?

By Christopher Maddox
Southwest Minneapolis Patch
Nineteenth century writer and poet William Morris once described Bibury as “the most beautiful village in England.” My dad has lived in Bibury for almost 10 years, and even though although I live far away, in Minneapolis, the time I am able to spend time with him in such a special place are always eagerly anticipated.


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