Could 36th Street Get Bike Lanes?

City mulling "cycle track."

CARAG and East Harriet residents could find biking to Lake Calhoun a lot easier if an idea City of Minneapolis planners are toying with comes to fruition.

According to OurUptown.com, a stretch of West 36th Street between the lake and Dupont Avenue/King's Highway is in the running for either bike lanes or a "cycle track" akin to the protected bike lanes on 1st Avenue North in downtown or 1st Avenue South in Kingfield. The site has also posted proposed alignments for the lanes/tracks.

The road is targeted for bike lanes in the Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan, approved in Sept. 2011. The plan suggests shared lane markings, like those on Bryant Avenue South, ought to be put on the rest of 36th Street.

Currently, the bike lane project is in its planning stages, and no firm proposal has been made.


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