38 Years Tick By at 'It's About Time Clock Repair'

Since 1973, Tom Trudell has been selling and restoring quality clocks in Southwest Minneapolis.

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The walls in It's About Time Clock Repair are cluttered with clocks of all sizes and shapes. Some swing, some chime and others tick quietly. For the last 38 years,  Tom Trudell has operated his clock repair and sales business from this small storefront on Nicollet Avenue.

The clocks he sells can't be found in big box stores. The repairs he provides are less common than they were in the past. But he says that even the worst-off antique clocks can be restored.

"That's a very satisfying feeling to take a piece that come in a box, in parts, that was hardly recognizable as a time piece, turn around, restore it, return it to the customer and see the look on their face when they realize that this is actually a very, very nice antique that they're going to enjoy for years to come." 

* * *

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