Where to Find Guaranteed Auto Refinance Loans

Who hasn’t seen ads for “guaranteed auto refinance loans?” Credit-yogi.com has, and would like to share its knowledge of them, including:

  • What “Guaranteed Approval” Means
  • Who Refinances the Loan?
  • Shop Around
  • Utilize Online Calculators

Defining “Guaranteed Approval”

While it may seem self-explanatory, “guaranteed approval” doesn’t really mean all that much. It simply means that some lenders can accept and approve guaranteed car refinance loans to anyone, regardless of their credit. Not a lot of financers can do this; it takes time for a lender to make the kind of contacts necessary to locate a backer for every person. Companies that proclaim guaranteed acceptance can be the best way for an individual with poor credit to improve it by getting that person a loan refinance.

Which Lender will Refinance the Loan?

Some people may think that going to their original lender will provide guaranteed auto refinance loans, but, in fact, the opposite might be true. In most cases, especially when one’s credit leaves something to be desired, the original lender will not refinance its own loan, meaning the consumer must look elsewhere. This can actually work in favor of the borrower, as the new lender will approach with no preconceived ideas, making it more comfortable to conduct business.

Check Out Several Lenders

Even folks whose credit is less-than-stellar can get a decent deal on guaranteed car refinance loans, but it takes time and patience. The offers one can get will depend on how low his credit rating is. If it’s 620 or so, he may be able to obtain an interest rate of 12%-15%, which isn’t great, but it could be worse. With a score of 680, give or take a few, the rate may be 7.5%-10%, which could be better, but still isn’t too bad. Anyone whose score is higher than that can openly negotiate the rate with different financers and then choose the sweetest deal he can get.


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Tabulate Savings with Online Calculators

If one would like to know how much he can save by checking out a few guaranteed auto refinance loans, he need only go to the Internet to get the tool he requires to do so. Many, many websites have online interest tabulating calculators. Simply access one, put in the numbers offered, and compare the savings. Obviously, one wants the highest amount possible, so search quite a lot of these lenders. Who knows? Maybe they’ll openly compete for one’s business!

Credit-yogi.com is a highly esteemed website whose mission is to give sensible, accurate replies to consumers’ questions of finance by tapping into the thousands of fiscal experts who power the site. There is always knowledgeable staff on hand to answer calls, so dial 866-964-9644 for a free consultation.


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