Professional theater in YOUR garage!

Off-Leash Area is now seeking hosts for our 2014 Annual Neighborhood Garage Tour. This year we will tour a brand new production "Stripe & Spot (Learn To) Get Along," about two people simultaneously shipwrecked on a desert island. It's a ridiculous comedy, presided over by the sun and moon as a Vaudevillian duo, and featuring a rotating stage, original choreography and music, vaudevillian dance numbers, and silent film melodrama - all coming to a neighborhood garage near you!.

Being a tour host is a great way to meet your neighbors and encourage community, and a great excuse to clean your garage! Check our webpage for answers to frequently asked questions: www.offleasharea.org

For more information about hosting, please contact Off-Leash Area at offleash@offleasharea.org
or 612-724-7372


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