Mortgage Protection Programs

What do you have in place to make your Mortgage Payments in the event of your death or disability?
(Most of us don't have anything.)
Did you know there are MANY affordable programs available for homeowners to protect your family.

These programs can include:

  • DEATH AND DISABILITY Benefits - makes your mortgage payments in the event that you die or are injured and can no longer work..
  • MONEY BACK Option - Returns your premiums if the benefits are not used by the end of the program.
  • NO MEDICAL EXAM - exams and test are generally not required..
  • LEVEL PREMIUM - costs do NOT increase.

With out this plan your family will STILL HAVE TO MAKE THE MORTGAGE PAYMENTS with out your help.

To see if you can qualify, get a free quote and no obligation consultation visit:


Email: sally@sfgrondeauteam.com

or call direct: (952)994-7576


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