Free Registration! Easy Debt Collection is Available

I've been a small business owner for over 30 years and it's been tough at times in my business with cash flow when it comes to past due invoices.  I saw a real need in our market for a service that would help increase cash flow by collecting past due, written off, slow pay and bad debts.  I have a solution that works.  For a very low cost - $19.95, per debtor account, I can increase your cash flow and reduce the headache of time consuming collections.  Plus you will have you own virtual collection department.

What sets my company apart is that I know our industry. I don't charge administration fees or a commission from the collected debt like a collection agency. There's no contract or risk. You are simply billed at the time you or your staff enters a past due account into your own secure online database. Then I do the rest.  For only $19.95 total.

Once you register for free, you enter a small amount of information into your database, debtor name, address, debt amount and type of debt.  Then I do the rest.

I mail four letters in series with your letterhead and a stamped return envelope included - so the money owed to you is mailed directly to you. It appears as if the letters are generated from "Your Own Collection Department".  You will have easy access to your database anytime with your user name and password.  It's simple, it's effective and I have companies in your industry that would tell you so. 

I would be glad to show you a short demo of "Your Collection Department" website and how it could work for your company at your convenience.

Please contact me for a free demo. I'm local, accessible and here to help your business or businesses collect the money you're due. I look forward to earning your business and working with you. Have a great day!

Ken Golding




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